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Abu Dhabi Desert Safari Tours

Hand Picked Desert Safari Abu Dhabi Activities and Tours

The Arabian Desert spread over Abu Dhabi is a landscape of soulful majesty and wonder. With its breathtaking seas of golden sand, unique flora and fauna, and rich cultural heritage, visiting Abu Dhabi’s desert promises a refreshing and immersive break
from the soaring architectural landmarks, enclosed leisure attractions, and other usual city sights. Yes, going on an Abu Dhabi desert safari is definite to leave a lasting impression with some precious moments.

About Desert Safari Abu Dhabi

A desert safari Abu Dhabi is the most fantastic way to absorb unparalleled desert beauty and tranquility. This off-the-beaten-track tour typically involves exploring the desert aboard a 4X4 vehicle. It mainly includes a broad spectrum of exclusive activities like camel rides, dune buggy rides, sandboarding, etc. You can also look forward to enjoying a BBQ dinner and watching Tanura and belly dance performances, among other cultural experiences. All these give you an in-depth appreciation of this iconic natural marvel.

Abu Dhabi Desert Safari Experiences

Our desert safari Abu Dhabi packages are designed to ensure you the most authentic and enlightening experience of the Arabian Desert. We also offer personalized desert safaris that suit your unique abilities and interests. Whether you want a laid-back desert experience, a full-on desert adventure, or one that provides the right measure of adventure, nature, and relaxation, we have the ideal desert safari for you!

Types Of Desert Safari Abu Dhabi

Sunrise Desert Safari: There is a unique charm to admiring the desert by the first rays, so be sure to take this exclusive desert safari. It allows you to witness Abu Dhabi's dune scenery at dawn on a thrilling dune bash as the sun rises and fills the sky and the region with an explosion of colors. Besides stunning views and a 4X4 desert drive, you can participate in desert-exclusive activities like camel rides.

Camel Trekking Safari: In this tour, you can enjoy an exciting, wobbly ride atop a gentle and friendly camel, which treks you across the desert's awe-inspiring colors and unspoiled serenity. It offers a unique, refreshing perspective to soak up the desert landscape and learn about the fascinating Bedouin culture and heritage.

Evening Desert Safari: Beyond allowing visitors to witness the desert at dusk, this safari gives ample time to discover Abu Dhabi's desert. It encompasses all the staples of a desert safari, from 4X4 dune bashing, camel ride, and sunset views to Shisha smoking, falconry, and henna tattooing. Round out the experience with a lavish BBQ dinner and traditional entertainment shows like the jaw-dropping Tanura performance.

Overnight Desert Safari: Enjoy the rare chance to spend a night in the middle of the Arabian Desert as you embark on this desert safari. It offers all the inclusions of an evening and morning desert safari. Before you retreat to your tent to sleep under the desert sky, there is a dune bash, a camel ride, cultural activities, traditional shows, and a BBQ dinner. In the morning, you will wake up to the unequaled desert sunrise views, the aroma of invigorating Arabic coffee, and a delicious breakfast.

Desert Safari with Quad Biking: The highlight of this desert safari is a one-hour quad biking session. And anyone healthy and above 16 years old can sign up for this dedicated desert adventure tour! Zoom across the desert sands aboard a state-of-the-art quad bike as you get up close and personal with the magnificent desert environment and its fantastic flora and fauna. The best thing about this all-terrain vehicle (ATV) is that you don't require any prior experience to ride it.

Liwa Safari: Want to heighten your desert adventure in Abu Dhabi or the UAE? You can't go wrong with our Liwa Safari that journeys you to the captivating Liwa Oasis. It is a part of Rub' al Khali, or the Empty Quarter, one of the world's biggest sand deserts. Go on an exhilarating 4X4 ride over one of the world's largest dunes (Moreeb), immerse yourself in the compelling desert beauty, know first-hand the ancient Bedouin lifestyle, and relish a tasty lunch as you sit back in the palm-studded sanctuary.

Why Choose Us

All-Inclusive Packages: Most of our desert safari packages are all-encompassing with roundtrip hotel transfers, dining, entertainment, and cultural activities. Moreover, all come with the services of an expert guide who helps deepen the awareness of the astonishing desert and its ecosystem.

Diverse Safari Options: We put at your disposal a wide range of desert safari options, including the Liwa desert tour, sunrise desert safari, camel trekking safari, evening desert safari, overnight desert safari, and desert safari with quad biking. It means you can easily pick one that suits your interests or requirements.

Customizable Experiences: We understand that not everyone has the same interest. That’s why we offer personalized desert experiences. We can tailor a desert package accordingly if you want to bypass all heart-racing actions involved in a desert safari. Our desert campsite also makes an excellent venue for special events and occasions with a customizable menu and activities.

Specialist Team: From the inquiry and activity planning to the successful execution of your desert safari, our dedicated team promises you a stress-free and smooth experience from start to end. They listen to your unique tour requirements and ensure that every aspect of your desert safari is well-planned and implemented.

No Middlemen: No third-party interference is involved in any phase of your desert tour. So there is greater transparency and flexibility when it comes to its pricing, inclusions, communication, and other aspects. You, therefore, can be assured of the highest quality standards of all our desert safari packages.

Award-winning Services: We have a proven track record in our desert safari packages and other tours, with exceptional recognitions to our credit, such as Arabian Travel Awards (for the Best Destination Management Company) and TripAdvisor Traveler’s Choice Award, to name a few. The winning aspect is that we have received most of these awards based on honest reviews from our satisfied customers.

A desert safari in Abu Dhabi is an unbeatable experience that blends natural desert beauty with adventure and culture. With our experienced team, customizable options, and a high-end focus on safety, there is no better choice than our safari packages for your Abu Dhabi desert exploration.

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