KidZania Abu Dhabi

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KidZania Abu Dhabi Overview

KidZania Abu Dhabi
Looking for a kid-exclusive attraction in the capital city? KidZania Abu Dhabi at Yas Island is sure to delight young minds. Al though a theme park, don’t expect to find any roller-coaster rides, slides, or similar attractions. So, what really makes it exciting? KidZania wins because of its refreshing concept, which ingeniously blends real-life occupations and learning experiences with entertainment. It allows your children from 4 to 16 years old to explore the world of grown-ups in a fun-filled, interactive environment.


Stellar Location 
KidZania Abu Dhabi is on Yas Island, a thrill-seekers’ paradise and an ultimate family destination. Placed inside Yas Mall on its ground floor, it is right next to some of the region’s most iconic leisure attractions, such as the first-of-its-kind Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, Yas Waterworld, CLYMB Abu Dhabi, and Warner Bros. Abu Dhabi. Interestingly, this 55,000-square-foot facility is KidZania’s second location in the UAE, after the Dubai Mall in Dubai.

Role Play with Financial Independence 
This place is unmissable for your little ones; let them take charge of this miniature, kid-sized city and indulge in their favorite profession, from piloting a plane and working as a dentist or surgeon to baking a cake, cookie or pizza. It will amuse and empower your kids as they enthusiastically choose from 60-plus role-play activities and enjoy their first freedom with financial independence. KidZania’s own currency in the form of KidZos ensures that your kids will get paid for all their hard work, which they can save or expend throughout the time they spend here.

Safe and Amicable Setting 
Parents or adults are not allowed inside the facility, but you can be tension-free, thanks to the wristband that electronically connects you with your kids. Most of all, the presence of a trained and friendly staff, known as Zupervisors, makes it super easy for your smaller ones to navigate and explore this miniature city

KidZania Abu Dhabi Highlights

  • A perfect place to bring your little ones above three years for an edutainment adventure like no other.
  • Let your kids steps into shoes of the adult world and live their dream of trying out their favorite real-life occupations in this miniature metropolis on Yas Mall’s ground level.
  • Choose from 60 professions, blending role-play with immersive learning experiences.
  • Kids can enjoy financial independence, besides all the amusement and entertainment, as they earn KidZos upon completing a task. 

KidZania Abu Dhabi Inclusions

  • Admission ticket to KidZania Abu Dhabi 
  • Access to the Zupervisor’s guidance 
  • Pick-up & drop-off facility (If private transportation option selected)

KidZania Abu Dhabi Itinerary

  • Upon arrival at KidZania Abu Dhabi, follow the designated entrance and ticketing process.
  • Gain access to KidZania Abu Dhabi's interactive theme park, where children can engage in over 80 role-playing activities and experiences. Receive the necessary instructions and guidelines from the staff to make the most of your visit.
  • Allow children to explore the various role-playing activities available. They can choose from a wide range of professions and occupations, such as doctors, firefighters, chefs, engineers, actors, and many more. Each activity offers an immersive learning experience and hands-on engagement.
  • Encourage children to participate actively in the activities of their choice. They will have the opportunity to dress up in relevant costumes and use specialized equipment as they perform tasks associated with their chosen profession. Engage with the staff and follow their guidance to fully enjoy each activity.
  • Emphasize the educational aspect of KidZania Abu Dhabi by encouraging children to develop social skills, creativity, and problem-solving abilities. Engage in conversations with the staff and other participants to enhance the learning experience.
  • Allow children to explore KidZania Abu Dhabi at their own pace throughout the day. They can select activities based on their interests and curiosity.
  • When you have completed your visit, follow the designated exit process. Feel free to browse the souvenir shops for mementos of your KidZania experience, if desired.
KidZania Abu Dhabi 
  • It is mandatory to carry a valid ID proof or passport with you during the activity for verification purposes.
  • Kindly note that entry to Kidzania is restricted to only those adults who are accompanying at least one child. This policy ensures a safe and enjoyable environment for all visitors.
  • For the safety of children, those below 120 cm in height must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  • We kindly request that you refrain from bringing outside food and beverages into the Kidzania premises. There is wide variety of food choices available for children within the premises.

KidZania Abu Dhabi Location

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KidZania Abu Dhabi Reviews

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Review ImageQZHNovember 2022
Amazing day out!

Though Yas Island has Ferrari World, I would rather take kids to KidZania. They had a full day of fun role playing their favourite jobs and learned so much.

Review ImageUjwal MNovember 2022
amazing visit

Kids were going crazy, so asked Rayna Tours for something for the kids and they got me KidZania tickets. Boy, was this place awesome! Kids, were very happy!

Review ImageabuomarOctober 2022
Great experience

Forget school, I feel my kids can learn more here. Rayna Tours gave me tickets to KidZania and my kids had the best time. They even learned about finances!

Review ImageShaai MOctober 2022
My kids loved Kidzania

Go to KidZania for the best learning & fun activities. My kids had a blast and they even made friends with others. As a parent, I give this place a thumbs up!

Review ImagehappyiSeptember 2022
Paradise for kids

With over 60 roles to choose from, my son chose to be a writer and learned so many things that even I didn't know about writers. KidZania is too good!

No Reviews Available