Qasr Al Hosn Abu Dhabi

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Qasr Al Hosn Abu Dhabi
Imagine a time when the uber modern city of Abu Dhabi was a quaint pearling and fishing settlement! Yes, a visit to Qasr Al Hosn right in the heart of the capital city will transport you to this era. Dating back to the 18th century, it’s the region’s oldest heritage site; it was once a defensive structure, later a palace which served as a residence to the ruling Nahyan family, and then the seat of government. 

More than 230 years now, this elegant sandstone structure has still retained its character and remains as an impressive tribute to the region’s bygone era. So be prepared to travel back in time as you step into this well preserved national monument which is now converted into a museum. Discover the Inner Fort (built in 1795) and the Outer Palace (built in 1940s), while admiring its many art and artifacts (like weapons, images, maps etc) collected from as early as 6000 BC. 

Know about the Bani Yas tribe in detail and see the region’s charming historical and cultural scenes coming to life through the large, interactive screens placed all around. You’ll further get to stand under the complex’s oldest structure - a coral and sea stone watch tower, and relive the life of ancient royals as you weave your way through its painstakingly restored rooms and hallways. 

Your tickets also offer access to the House of Artisans where you’ll see the highly creative local artisans giving live demonstration of the region’s unique Emirati crafts. There is also the renovated Cultural Foundation which is the region’s first multipurpose community centre. It houses some strikingly intricate artworks created by the regional artists and conducts several inspiring cultural shows and workshops. 

Finally, you’ll step into the Bait Al Gahwa. As the name indicates, it enlightens you on everything about the renowned Arabic coffee, including its interesting facts, significance in the Emirati culture, and meticulous preparation that highlight its diverse phases such as roasting, grounding and brewing. 
  • See Abu Dhabi’s oldest heritage site which once served as a residence to the ruling Nahyan family and later as the seat of government.
  • Dating back to 18th century, Qasr Al Hosn serves as a physical timeline which narrates the tale of Abu Dhabi’s transition from a pearling and fishing settlement to a world-class city. 
  • Find here exhibits that date back to as early as 6000 BC. 
  • Get a detailed account of the impressive Emirati past, traditions and ancient royal lifestyle as you wander through its well preserved hallways and rooms. 
  • Chance to stand under the complex’s oldest structure, a watch tower. 
  • Experience the tangible and intangible Emirati Heritage at the House of Artisans. 
  • Gain access to its renovated Cultural Foundation which is also the region’s first multipurpose community centre. 
  • At Bait Al Gahwa, learn about the secrets of Arabic coffee and its importance in the Emirati culture and hospitality.

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  • Qasr Al Hosn Tickets 
  • Upon arrival at Qasr Al Hosn, follow the designated entrance and ticketing process.
  • Begin your visit by exploring the historically significant Qasr Al Hosn fort. Learn about its rich cultural heritage and its role as the symbolic birthplace of Abu Dhabi. Explore the different sections of the fort, including the watchtowers, defensive walls, and inner courtyard.
  • Visit the House of Artisans, a live museum that showcases various handicrafts and traditional crafts. Observe skilled artisans at work and gain insights into Emirati craftsmanship. Engage with the artisans and learn about their techniques and cultural significance.
  • If available, explore the Cultural Foundation, which hosts special events, workshops, ceremonies, and shows. Check the schedule and participate in any unique cultural experiences happening during your visit.
  • After visiting the main highlights of Qasr Al Hosn, take some time to further explore the fort and its surroundings. Admire the architectural details, read the informational displays, and capture memorable photos.
  • When you have completed your visit, follow the designated exit process. Consider browsing the gift shop to find unique souvenirs or items related to Emirati culture and heritage.

Please note that specific inclusions may vary depending on the ticket type or any special exhibitions/events happening at the time of visit.

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9 - 10 Hours (Approx) Saturday to Thursday : 10:00 am – 7:00 pm; Friday : 12:00 pm – 7:00 pm.Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum St(2nd St) - Al Hisn - W3 - Abu Dhabi - United Arab EmiratesEnglish
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  • Please be advised that a valid ID must be presented upon entry to Qasr Al Hosn.
  • In compliance with our regulations, certain items are prohibited on the premises, including but not limited to food, beverages, cameras, video and audio recording equipment, seating, selfie sticks, and items deemed unlawful, hazardous, dangerous, or potential weapons.
  • Kindly note that Qasr Al Hosn shall not assume responsibility or liability for any incidents, damages, or physical injuries sustained by visitors while on the premises or during any scheduled events at Qasr Al Hosn. 
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Review ImagezedlunatDecember 2022
Worth the visit

The Qasr Al Hosn is not just a typical tourist place and that's why I got this from Rayna Tours. Had an educational and fun time knowing about the history.

Review ImageArvindDecember 2022
A must visit in Abu Dhabi

Thank you, Rayna Tours for the Qasr Al Hosn Tour. I will endorse it to all who visit Abu Dhabi. The place is grand and views from WatchTower were amazing.

Review ImageNimoNovember 2022
Great museum

The Inner Fort & Outer Palace at Qasr Al Hosn were amazing & the 6000 BC artefacts were impressive. Had a lot of fun in the Qasr Al Hosn Tour thanks to Rayna.

Review Image0ciaranNovember 2022
Lovely old landmark

The Qasr Al Hosn Tour gets 5 stars from me as it is one of the best tours in Abu Dhabi. Rayna Tours’ service made the whole experience even more amazing.

Review ImageLesliecarylOctober 2022
cultural highlight

The Qasr Al Hosn Tour is a must if you are looking for an educational tour. Rayna Tours recommended this and I was happy with it. 9 out 10 for this tour.

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