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Things to do in Abu Dhabi
Known to the world a some of the best cities to live in, Abu Dhabi has worked hard over the past decade and created a niche for itself in the tourism industry, away from the shadow of the mighty Dubai. Abu Dhabi city tours are now one of the most sought after tours in the UAE and the Middle East.
The capital city of UAE with a population of roughly unde
r 1.5 million is not only a very important commercial and industrial hub of the country but also extremely rich in culture and heritage. Abu Dhabi is a city that has relatively high per capita income than the other emirates and it speaks in its rapid development and urbanization.
Effective channelization of resources has transformed the city in to a happening metropolis loved by tourists. The city has its roots dating back to the third millennium BC and the weather is hot throughout the year with June to September months being extremely hot and humid. These are the months when the city observes sandstorms. The tourist’s months starts from October and goes on till April.
The city of Abu Dhabi isn’t new to world records and neither is it in any way behind Dubai in creating landmarks. Tourists who now visit Dubai don’t end their trip without enjoying Rayna’s exclusive Abu Dhabi tours from Dubai. Our exquisite sightseeing packages of Abu Dhabi take our guests through the most exciting attractions of the city and allows them to experience the soul of this amazing place.
Abu Dhabi sightseeing with Rayna tours include witnessing the world’s largest hand loomed carpet, enjoying the fastest roller coaster ride at the world’s only Ferrari franchise theme park- The Ferrari world, having tea at the highest restaurant in the world, admiring the tower with the greatest lean and just so much more. The city also offers a great understanding of Gulf culture and its customs through the beautifully preserved city museums and traditional architectural buildings. The equation with Abu Dhabi is as simple as it gets- the more you see, the more you fall in love with it.
Travel to the best of souks, take a leisurely stroll at the corniche, shop at some of the best shopping malls and take a day off to relax at the world’s biggest indoor theme park of the Ferrari world. It’s amazing that in spite of being the capital of UAE and an industrial hub, the life of Abu Dhabi is slow paced and relaxed. The city grows on you and becomes your abode to relax and unwind. Lend us your hand, allows us to show you the best of this Arabic city and make you fall in love with Abu Dhabi.

36 Things to do in Abu Dhabi

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