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Dubai Premium Tours

Hand Picked Dubai Premium Tours and Activities

We’re happy to present our exclusive Premium Tours at Dubai, geared to offer you the best of every experience, the Dubai way. No detail is spared. When you sign up for our Premium Desert Safari Tour, we’ll bring the most luxurious vehicle to your hotel to pick yo
u up. We’ll take care of all your needs during the journey to the desert – you’ll think you’re on a five-star roadtrip! At the desert, we’ll situate you in our luxurious Welcome Tent, where hot coffee, cool drinks and dates await you. @ After enjoying some adrenalin-thumping desert sports, get ready to be serenaded by beautiful houris through music and belly dancing. Enjoy a lavishly royal buffet spread and smoke your exclusive shisha pipe, feeling just like a desert royal. And this is just one tour on our Dubai Premium Tours list!

We have several others in line for you as well. How about an Emirates Golf Club Premium Tour? Dubai is home to several exclusive golf clubs, many of them favored by the royal family. Emirates Golf Club is one of the premier golf clubs in Dubai, and that’s where we’ll be taking you. We’ll be making all the necessary arrangements – even rent you some exclusive golf clubs to tee with! The Emirates Golf Club tour is one of the most popular tours in our Premium Tours Dubai selection. You can sign up for a day time or a night time tour. The golf club is lit to the nines during the night, which shine on the incredibly lush lawns of the golf course, dewy in the desert night. We also offer exclusive lunch or dinner, depending on whether you choose a day time or night time tour. Watch this space for other premium tours that we’ll be adding here from time to time.

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