Qasr Al Hosn From Dubai

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Qasr Al Hosn From Dubai Overview

Qasr Al Hosn From Dubai
Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, is a sprawling metropolis, home to luxury residential homes, opulent mosques high-end hotels and shopping malls. However, the city has been able to preserve its history and culture in several ways. One of them is the Qasr Al Hosn.
A far-cry from the modern buildings and monuments of the city today, Qasr Al Hasn is a simple stone structure, which is also the oldest building in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. It is home to a watchtower, which is the first permanent structure of the place. You would also find two major buildings at Qasr Al Hosn: the Outer Palace and the Inner Fort.  The place was the home of the ruling family for several years. In fact, it was the ancestral home of the current ruler as well as the seat of the government, a national archive and a consultative council.  

A visit to the Qasr Al Hosn is a must if you want to explore the history of Abu Dhabi. While the architecture of the building is something that you would not find anywhere else in Abu Dhabi today, it is not the only reason for visiting the place. After 11 years of rigorous conservation and restoration work, Qasr Al Hosn opened as a history museum in 2018.

The Qasr Al Museum is a history capsule that shows you the rise of Abu Dhabi from a simple fishing village of the 18th century to the global city it is today. The museum displays artifacts, manuscripts, archival materials, etc. that date back to the 6000 BC. 
A visit to Qasr Al Hosn should be on your Abu Dhabi holiday itinerary. After all, knowing the past of the city is as important as enjoy its new, modern attractions.

Qasr Al Hosn From Dubai Highlights

  • Visit the capital city’s oldest heritage site whose origin traces back to 18th century.
  • Relive the enlightening Emirati past at this history-steeped structure which was once the ruling family’s residence and then the seat of government.
  • Discover the arts and artifacts collected from as early as 6000 BC as you enjoy an authentic narration of the capital city’s transformation from a sleep village  to one of the world’s richest cities.
  • Check out the complex’s timeless sections including its oldest of its kind watch tower, along with an array of rooms and hallways packed with historical exhibits.
  • Get a slice of the region’s culture and heritage, thanks to its sections like House of Artisans and Bait Al Gahwa.
  • Tour Dubai’s ultimate performing art venue at Dubai Opera House or journey yourself to the groundbreaking future with your Museum of the Future tickets. Add a generous sprinkle of heart-racing fun and thrill by booking your IMG World tickets

Qasr Al Hosn From Dubai Inclusions

  • Qasr Al Hosn Tickets 
Qasr Al Hosn From Dubai 
  • A valid photo ID matching the name listed in the booking should be provided to gain entry into Qasr Al Hasn.
  • Qasr Al Hosn may restrict items that are brought onsite, including without limitation food, beverages, cameras, video and audio recording equipment, seating, selfie sticks, and items considered unlawful, hazardous, dangerous or potential weapons.
  • Qasr Al Hosn will not be held responsible for or liable for any issues, damages, or physical injuries suffered by any visitor onsite or during any programmed event at Qasr Al Hosn.

Please note that operational hours for Qasr Al Hosn and Cultural Foundation during Ramadan will be as follows: 

Weekdays : 10:00 AM to 03:00 PM and 07:00 PM to 12:00 AM

Fridays : 07:00 PM to 12:00 AM

Qasr Al Hosn From Dubai Location

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Qasr Al Hosn From Dubai Reviews

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Review ImageNikota AApril 2023
Best Place to Visit

One of the best sights that truly represents the UAE’s past elegantly. Good place for history lovers.

Review ImageMathiasApril 2023
Best Historical Place

This oldest stone structure in Abu Dhabi is magnificent. Its traditional and modern architecture, museum, inner fort, outer palace, and original watchtower are great to admire.

Review ImageShahid SMarch 2023
Qasr Al Hosn Structure was Beautiful

Qasr Al Hosn is a beautiful structure steeped in history. It is one of those historical landmarks in Abu Dhabi, UAE that is must-visit to look and rejoice at the Emirati past.

Review ImageOld TelMarch 2023
Must Visit

It is a great historical landmark in Abu Dhabi that is worth a visit to understand UAE’s culture and history. Visiting Qasr Al Hosn is like reliving the region’s past.

Review ImageHavana DaydreamerFebruary 2023
Highly Recommend!

I highly recommend the Qasr Al Hosn tour if you are looking for something different. This structure is home to the history of Abu Dhabi and was even home to the seat of power. The Outer Palace and Inner Fort are fabulous and the Qasr Al Museum was brilliant. It;s nice to see such wonderful heritage places still relevant and thriving.

No Reviews Available