Dubai Crocodile Park

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Dubai Crocodile Park Overview

Dubai Crocodile Park
See over 250 mighty crocodiles up close and in action with your Dubai Crocodile Park ticket! Beyond a thrilling encounter with crocodiles like massive Nile crocodiles in a Savanna-based outdoor setting, you can enter an aquarium that recreates the authentic feel of an African lake and also check out a museum featuring captivating displays on the crocodiles’ evolution, history, and more. 

Transport Yourself to the African Wilderness 
Experience the African wetlands coming to life at Crocodile Park Dubai. From creating a natural river basin to seamlessly integrating blissful scenery, cascading waterfalls, and pathways, this 20,000-square-meter facility recreates an exceptionally natural, safe, and eco-friendly sanctuary for over 250 crocodiles to live, reproduce, and thrive. The star highlight is the massive Nile crocodile, the planet’s second largest reptile after the saltwater crocodile.

Time Travel Through History 
As a full-fledged attraction to shelter and conserve the endangered crocodile species, you will not just see crocodiles swimming and diving here but also know them in detail. There is a museum that walks you through the 200-million-year-old history of crocodiles. Starting from egg laying, incubation and hatching to rearing and family life, you can also gain some amazing facts on the complete lifecycle of these giant reptiles.

Immersive Encounters  
You can also enter the African-themed aquarium, where you will encounter enthralling crocodiles . More interactive experiences await you, such as crocodile feeding sessions, professional guides are available to "assist visitors to ensuring a safe and educational experience ,There are also several dining and shopping options across the park. 

Dubai Crocodile Park Highlights

  • The Crocodile Park in Dubai offers a dedicated enclosure for Nile crocodiles, renowned for their impressive size and strength, making them the second largest reptiles in the world after saltwater crocodiles.
  • Visitors have the opportunity to observe these magnificent creatures Additionally, professional guides are available to assist visitors to ensuring a safe and educational experience.
  • As you explore the park, you will pass through the basin that houses the enormous Nile crocodiles, easily identifiable by their size and distinctive mottled coloration. Surrounding the crocodile area are pedestrian paths offering a scenic and Natural View
  • Furthermore, the crocodile park offers luxurious green spaces and shaded areas, providing an ideal setting for families to enjoy valuable moments together.
  • To begin your tour of the Dubai Crocodile Park, take a leisurely stroll with your family or friends, allowing you to discover the park's prominent attractions on foot. Don't forget to capture some unforgettable moments by taking memorable photos in the park.

Dubai Crocodile Park Inclusions

  • Dubai Crocodile Park admission ticket
  • Access to over 250 crocodiles and other creatures
  • Experienced Trained staff
  • Entry into the museum and aquarium
  • Parking space
  • Round trip hotel transfers (only if chosen at the time of booking)
Dubai Crocodile Park 
  • All personal expenses spend for shopping, drinks and dining etc on-site during the tour.
Dubai Crocodile Park 
  • To redeem your tickets, please ensure you have either your E-tickets or printed copies with you.
  • Tickets will be scanned at the entrance to allow admissions.
Dubai Crocodile Park 
  • Please carry valid ID proof/Passport along with you.
  • Tickets can only be used once and are not subject to refund or exchange of any kind whatsoever.
  • Lost, damaged or stolen Tickets cannot be replaced, refunded, or exchanged in any manner.
  • Free admission for people of Determination on presenting a valid ID proof
  • Baby Crocodile Encounter: Everyday at 11:30 am and 04:30 pm
  • Crocodile Feeding Show: Friday, Saturday, Sunday at 05:30 pm

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Dubai Crocodile Park Reviews

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Review ImageCatherine BSeptember 2023
Family-friendly crocodile park

The Dubai Crocodile Park tour was a hit with my entire family. This family-friendly park is enjoyable and safe to explore. My kids were overly excited to see crocodiles up close and personal. It was a perfect family outing as it was pure edutainment.

Review ImageRafael RSeptember 2023
Best Park for nature photographers

As a nature photographer, visiting the Dubai Crocodile Park was a dream come true. I enjoyed capturing natural pictures of crocodiles roaming and sleeping freely. I would highly recommend this tour to fellow photographers.

Review ImageAgustina OSeptember 2023
See crocodiles up close

The Dubai Crocodile Park tour is an adrenaline-pumping adventure. Seeing these silent predators in their native environment was amazing and exciting. If you fancy wild animals and feel they must be taken care well, then visit this crocodile park.

Review ImageJoel CSeptember 2023
Natural environment for crocodiles

Visiting the Dubai Crocodile Park was a fascinating experience. The park didn't appear to have been specifically created for crocodiles. It looked so natural that we felt like we were in the African wilderness.

Review Image Luis DAugust 2023
Enjoyed seeing crocodiles in nature

The Dubai Crocodile Park tour exceeded my expectations. Before visiting the park, I only had the knowledge that crocodiles are a deadly predator. But after learning about them through the expert and knowledgeable staff, I enjoyed them more.

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