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Wine Tours

Hand Picked Wine Testing Tours in Georgia

Georgian wines are exceptional; the rich, wine-friendly soil of this region allows for the growth of high-quality grapes. Georgia’s viticulture history goes back over 8000 years. Come with us as we take you on our Georgia Wine Tours, to one of Tbilisi’s most popular w
ine stops, the 8000 Vintages, Mtskheta wineries and others. On our wine tours, you’ll gain an excellent insight into Georgia’s rich wine-producing heritage. While on the tour, we’ll update you on interesting facts of how the most-prized wine varieties are produced in Georgia.

Tbilisi is noteworthy for well-organized wine library, where all of the country’s fabulous grape varieties and wineries are documented. Here you can enjoy seeing and tasting hundreds of wines produced by both small and big wineries, Amber and Kisi to Saperavi and Mtsvane. Our Mtskheta wine tour is also great fun; you can mingle with vineyard owners and ask them about their wine-growing challenges and pick up tips. Georgia’s delightful climate and lush greenery makes our wine tours a thorough delight to experience for people of any age. The people are friendly and hospitable wherever you go in this wonderful country. So make up your minds quickly and come with us on our Georgia Wine Tours.

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