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United Arab Emirates Travel Guide

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UAE has its culture deep rooted in the Islamic religion. Poetry is an integral part of the ethnicity and its heritage is well preserved by all its emirates like Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi even after being one of the most developed cities in the world. The unique desert environment of the country has a great impact on the art, music, and literature of the country.
UAE uses the Emirati currency called Dirhams (Dhs). The currency is standard across all its emirates. Rated as the second largest economy in the Arab world, the UAE economy is continuously diversifying and growing at a rapid pace. A major part of the successful economy goes to Dubai- a major tourist and entertainment hub of the world.
A collection of seven exceptional emirates makes the United Arab Emirates. It was officially formed in the year 1971. Unearthed artifacts show a long history of human civilization and trade with Mesopotamia. A number of tribes inhabited along the coast and interior and was Islamized in the seventh century.
  • More than 50% of the citizens of the UAE are under 25, making UAE one of the most youthful nations of the world.
  • Masdar city in the Abu Dhabi is the first zero-waste, car-free, and zero-carbon city of the world.
  • The national symbol of the UAE is falcon.
  • Only 13% people living in the UAE are the locals. The rest 87% are expats.
UAE is a desert country and therefore, it’s hot and humid. While Sharjah and Dubai are way too hot during summers and pleasant during winters, Abu Dhabi and Ras- Al- Khaimah are comparatively less hot and the winters too record a lower temperature than their counterparts due to the presence of Al Hajjar mountains. The entire country observes its hottest months in July and August with temperatures going as high as 50 degrees.
UAE is well connected by air from all major countries of the world. The major airports are the Dubai airport, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah airports. UAE is also reachable by sea through Dubai.
UAE is one of the most famous tourist destinations and the rules and regulations easily permits the travellers to come to the country. Rayna arranges hassle-free visa processing at competitive rates for all its guests. We ensure that you complete all formalities including filling up your document in perfect manner to expedite the visa approval process to any of its emirate.

Around: UAE has its seven emirates and almost all of them are tourist destinations. While Dubai can be termed as the crown jewel, the capital city of Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah, and Sharjah comes next in line for being some of the most developed and well known cities of the Arab world.

Dubai: Known as the tourism and entertainment hub of the world, Dubai is the star attraction of UAE and boasts of some of the best man-made wonders of the world. The city is visited by millions of tourists every year and contributes majorly in the economic growth of the country.

Abu Dhabi: The capital city of UAE, Abu Dhabi has a relaxed pace as compared to its neighboring emirate of Dubai. Tourist visit the beautiful city to get amazed with its mind blowing attractions.

Sharjah: Due to its continuous effort in preserving the rich Arabic culture and heritage of UAE, Sharjah is given the cultural capital of UAE by UNESCO. The city is full of cultural attractions.

UAE is a country with a primarily Arabic culture of the Middle East and hence the Arabic cuisine is the local cuisine of the country. However, the country also has Emirati cuisine bifurcation that offers an ideal blend of Middle Eastern and Arabic cuisine. However, the cosmopolitan nature of its emirates uses a fine variety of various different cuisines from all around the world.
UAE has been in the past and currently hosting various national and international events from artists all around the world. No matter which emirate you travel, Rayna tours will help you stay informed on every happening event in the city, and if you want, we’ll help you be a part of it too.
Nightlife is happening majorly in the most cosmopolitan city of UAE- Dubai. Due to the presence of heavy tourists and cosmopolitan population, the nightlife scene is great in Dubai. While Abu Dhabi and Sharjah are largely quiet on that front, Ras Al Khaimah observes many beach parties etc.
UAE’s Dubai is a shopper’s paradise. From the best of international brands in the world to the most authentic antiques of Arabic culture, Dubai is loved by shoppers all around the world. The Dubai Shopping Festival alone witnesses millions of tourists.
  • Burj Khalifa- Dubai
  • World’s largest handloom carpet- Abu Dhabi
  • Dubai Miracle Garden- Dubai
  • Ferrari World- Abu Dhabi
  • Blue Souq- Sharjah
  • Al Ain
  • Palm Islands- Dubai
There’s no other way to experience the grandeur, serenity and magnificence of UAE than with Rayna tours. We know UAE as our home and promise to help you experience the amazing country like a local. From the best of desert excursions to the exploration of the manmade wonders, Rayna helps you discover UAE at its best through its exclusively designed and customizable package tours.
The best time to visit the desert country of UAE is between April and May or from September to October. The heat is bearable and the evenings are pleasant and towards the cooler side. Most of the tourist cities such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi are flooded with tourists during the peak months.

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