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Singapore Weather

Singapore’s climate is typically that of a tropical rainforest – warm and pleasant throughout the year. The temperature oscillates between 22 to 35 °C (72 to 95 °F). April and May are very hot and humid, though the gardens of Singapore do help keep some parts cooler. The rains pelt down between November to January, so you’ll need to be armed with a raincoat or an umbrella. 

Pressure and temperature remain uniform throughout the year. The humidity remains steadily high, at 79% in the morning and 73% in the afternoon throughout the year.  Bush fires occur in neighboring Indonesia, which cause a haze over Singapore, during the months of July to October. Evenings, though humid, are pleasanter. Singapore has many tours and excursions for people during the evenings and nights, to take advantage of the pleasanter atmosphere.

Humidity levels can be as high as 90 degrees plus during the summer. Throughout the year, the humidity remains steadily high, mornings at 90 plus and around 60 in the afternoon. There’s usually a light wind coming in from the ocean during the summer, which helps mitigate the effects of the at-times unbearable heat and humidity. 

Monsoon occurs twice a year. The first is the Northeast Monsoon, occurring from mid-November to early March. Rain can be moderate to heavy during this period. Heavy rain can go on for 3 days at a stretch, without a break.  The month of February is drier than December and January, during the monsoon season. Winds blow at speeds of 30 to 50 km/h (19 to 31 mph) during January and February, making it impossible to walk on the streets. December and January, especially, can be very cloudy with frequent afternoon showers.  

The second, Southwest Monsoon occurs from June to September; though it rains sufficiently during this period, the rains are not as severe as during the Northeast Monsoon. In between monsoon seasons the rain volume is low and sporadic. 

Strangely, it rains more towards Singapore’s western side than towards the eastern side. This is because the Bukit Timah Hill breaks the clouds, keeping the eastern side sunny and the western side wet with rain. Though this doesn’t make a great deal of difference to travelers, those who are comfortable in drier temperatures might prefer to stay on the eastern side. 

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