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Shopping in Sharjah

There are various souks and super shopping malls such as City center, Ansar mall, Mega mall, and Sahara shopping center among others to shop to your heart’s content. The Sahara shopping mall is visible even from Dubai outskirts. Featuring plethora of shopping malls, amazing cultural souqs, and boutique shops, Sharjah is loved by shopaholics. Of course, not at par with its counterpart and the world shopping hub Dubai, but Sharjah too has impeccable options for a shopper. One of the best takeaways from Sharjah would be the famous Middle Eastern dates and almonds. Other than that the famous central souq (fondly known as the Blue souq) offers plethora of carpet varieties, rare antiques that make for a perfect personal collection and souvenir options.

Sharjah organizes special shopping festivals as well. Annually, all major malls and stores give unbeatable discounts on their merchandise at the various shopping festivals specially during the holy month of Ramadan. The summer festival of Sharjah is a perfect fun ten weeks for both locals and tourists alike. Running parallely to the neighboring emirate’s Dubai Shopping festival, this ten-week long affair include appealing discounts on items, with amazing raffles and grand entertainment shows as well.

There are many interesting souqs scattered all over the emirate offering amazing varieties of products much to the delight of every tourist. Souqs like Blue Souk, Souk Al Arsah, Old Bazaar, Iranian Bazaar, Al Majarrah Souk, The Central Market and Sharjah Gold Center etc. are some of the best known and tourist visited souks of Sharjah. The traditional souqs are preserved and renovated carefully in order to preserve their traditional charm along with offering the comforts of modern life.

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