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Shahdag Travel Guide
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Things to do in Shahdag

Shahdag is home to a breathtaking ski-resort that offers the perfect ski holiday to its visitors. Situated at an altitude of more than 4,250 meters, the resort is picturesque and surrounded by gorgeous vistas. You can take part in snow activities such as skiing, snowmobile, tubing, and sledding. Other activities include paintball, ziplining, paragliding, mountain biking, horse riding and more. There are activities for every age group and is an ultimate destination for adventure enthusiasts. Soak in the tranquility of the place as you treat your eyes to the amazing views all around you. While there, you can also visit the Mestdergah Waterfall and Qecresh Forest.

Shahdag also has one of the largest national parks in the world which is the Shahdag National Park. It is not only the largest in Azerbaijan, but also in the entire Caucasus region. It has spectacular mountain peaks, unexplored trails, and is an excellent natural reserve.

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