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Hong Kong Travel Guide
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Things to do Around Hong Kong

While you’re in Hong Kong, consider extending your trip to cover other South East nations, such as Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and the Philippines. If not, try visiting the places close to Hong Kong, nearby areas of China that are well worth visiting. There are direct flights and overnight buses to all these places from Hong Kong.

Guilin and Yangshuo: Famous for mountain and river scenery. Return via Southern China's greatest city, Guangzhou.

Hainan: A tropical beach paradise, blessed with sunny weatherWu Yi Mountain: Lovely scenery, history and wonderful people. Return via the lively modern city of Xiamen.

Yunnan: A very popular tourist destination, great shopping and home to many of China's minority ethnic groups.

Macau: You can get here by boat, plane or road; Macau is also a popular tourist destination, famous for its blend of Portuguese and Chinese cultures. The thriving gambling industry here attracts people from all over world.

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