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Food Tours

Best Food Tours in Tbilisi

Tbilisi, capital city of Georgia, is rife with a blend of cuisines, right from pure Russian, to far-eastern influences, to central Europe. Food is cheap here, as long as you avoid the more expensive places. A food tour in Tbilisi is your best option if you want to explore the very b
est of the foodie scene in Tbilisi.
Our Tbilisi Food Tours We’ve organized our food tours taking your time and budget constraints into consideration. We will take you to different restaurants, food stalls, river-side eateries and home eateries to introduce you to a range of flavors and tastes that are uniquely Georgian. Georgian cuisine is influenced by Islamic, Christian and Mongol cooking traditions. The result is simply finger-licking and you’re going to love it!
Tbilisi’s best food offerings

One of the best known is Khinkhali- a luscious dumpling filled with meat or veggies like potatoes and mushrooms. You hold the dumping by its pinched, doughy tail and eat the filling and the gravy. Another must try is Pkhali- a savory vegetable paste topped with pomegranate seeds. Kachapuri is a type of circular bread popular in Georgia often filled with cheese. Don’t forget to try Mtsvadi- Grilled meat, served on hot skewers, and Kababi- meat, chopped up, seasoned and grilled to perfection and then wrapped in a thin flat bread.

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