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Rayna Tours’ ‘UAE Inside Country Visa’ comes as a huge relief for anyone who wants to skip all hectic procedures as part of the UAE visa change or Dubai visa extension. Probably you’re on a holiday in Dubai, visiting your friends / family with a 30 day / 60 day visa, or even an expat working here; situations may change which would sometimes urge you to lengthen your Dubai visit or change the status of your Dubai stay. And this is where the convenience of this visa comes in.

So no matter you’re a tourist, on-arrival national, or a Dubai resident looking to cancel your residence visa and change it to a tourist visa, this special visa package allows any foreign nationality in Dubai or UAE to easily change their visa status without ever exiting the country. This indicates that you don’t anymore have to wait in the long airport queues or travel all your way to Oman via bus.

All you’ve to do is to speak to our visa specialists who will provide all expert assistance for your visa change in the country itself. And the best thing is that this visa service caters to all your visa needs, from visitor visa extension and tourist visa extension (both single-entry and multiple-entry visas) to visit visa renewal and family visa renewal. To know more about this visa package, feel free to inquire us online or contact our specialist visa team directly.

Traveler’s Documents

  • Copy of traveler’s passport (with six months validity)
  • Traveler’s recent color photograph taken against a white background
  • Copy of traveler’s current visa (on arrival visa print or visa number from immigration)
  • National ID Card both adult & child (Pakistani, Irani with Shanas Nama , Iraqi & Afghani)

Guarantor’s (if inside UAE) Documents

  • Copies of guarantor’s (traveler’s friend or relative) UAE residence visa and passport (both should have a validity of at least 3 months)
  • Copy of guarantor’s Emirates ID
  • Email address & Contact number
  • Last month bank statement & a security cheque of AED 5500 / person under the name Rayna Tourism LLC. Please note that we shall not deposit this amount but refund it back upon traveler’s exit.

***If you don’t have a guarantor or do not want to give a cheque, you’ll have to pay a refundable cash guarantee of 2000AED/ person required via payment link or bank transfer. It will be fully refunded upon traveler’s exit from the UAE or after providing visa with status change.
Note: There may be circumstances where a security cheque or refundable cash guarantee may not be required. But this depends on your nationality.

  • All forms of visit and tourist visas can be renewed for 30 days further, once they have been applied for and approved by the right authority – without exiting the country. This comes under the UAE inside country visa service.
  • Individuals whose permits were canceled by their sponsors or employers in the UAE can apply for a new tourist visa without leaving the UAE.
  • You can extend your visit visa twice and can have 60 days extension. In case it is the last visa expiry date, you will have to pay a fine.
  • Nationalities eligible for an on-arrival UAE visa can extend their stay to a prepaid visa without exiting the country.
  • You can opt for the Oman Visa run, which is suitable for someone who is visiting the UAE from Oman with an on-arrival visa and wants to extend their visit by applying for a new visa. Many individuals who enter into a job while holding a visit visa can switch to a resident visa by Oman Visa run. 

  • Send us all your relevant documents via email for verification.
  • To make payment, you can directly drop into our office in Dubai or do it via online bank transfer.
  • Once your visa application is processed and your visa status change is applied, we’ll send this to you via email.

  • UAE Inside country visa 30 Day + Change Status – 1899 1100 AED*
  • UAE Inside country visa 60 Day + Change Status – 1550 1250 AED*

Visa Change to Oman

(Open to all Nationalities Except Afghan, Pakistan, all African Sector and Bangladesh)

Oman Visa Change Package Options

  • 01 month UAE Visa + Oman visa + 2 way bus+1 Night free accommodation + Insurance - AED 700
  • 03 months UAE Visa + Oman visa + 2 way bus+1 Night free accommodation + Insurance AED 1100

Who will require ‘UAE Inside Country Visa’?

From tourist visa holders and on-arrival nationalities to expats whose resident / employment visa have been cancelled or expired, this is ideal for any foreign nationality looking for a visa change or visa extension without exit. Get in touch with our visa expert for more information. Don’t hesitate to drop us a line at +971 4 2087445.

My Dubai tourist visa is about to expire. Is it possible for me to extend or obtain a new tourist visa?

If you’re a tourist visa holder, you can extend or get your new visa with very minimal procedures. Make sure that you inform us well in advance before the expiry date of your current visa. The rest is assured that your visa change or renewal request will be processed and approved on time.

Can Dubai visit visa be extended?

Yes, you can extend your Dubai visa with minimal, hassle-free procedures through Rayna Tours.

How long does this visa processing take?

This usually takes three to four working days for the processing of your visa. But in rush case, you can also avail of our express visa service, ensuring visa approval in one to two days.

If I overstay in Dubai, is it possible for me to extend my Dubai visa?

While this is not something we encourage, our team caters to this situation only if the applicant is willing to pay the overstay fine imposed by the immigration authority.

How much is the visa extension fee in Dubai?

This fee varies dependent on whether you choose to extend your visa for 30 days or 60 days. Your chosen visa package (such as UAE Inside Country Visa or Oman Visa Change) also reflects the pricing of visa extension services. Contact our visa specialist team to know more about the visa extension fee details.

Can I extend my 30 days visit visa in Dubai?

Yes, it is possible to extend your 30 days Dubai visa.

How many days we can stay in UAE after visa expiry?

Tourist and visit holders get a grace period of 10 days after the expiry of their Dubai visa.

What are the requirements for Dubai visa extension?

You have to submit following documents for the extension of your Dubai visa.

  • Travelers’ passport copy; the validity of your passport must have a validity of at least six months
  • Recent photograph captured in white background
  • Guarantor’s documents (such as copies of passport, Emirates ID, contact information, bank statement etc), however, will be required only if applicable.

When can I extend my visa?

Don’t wait till your visa’s expiry date to submit your visa extension application. To renew or extend your Dubai visa, make sure that you let us know three to five days before the expiry of your current Dubai visa.

How much is the fine for overstay in UAE?

If you stay in Dubai or the UAE beyond the grace period (10 days), you will be charged a fine of AED 200 for the first day of overstay and AED 100 per day for subsequent overstays.

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