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Dubai Weather

Summer in Dubai:

Dubai is by all means ‘hot’. There’s no other weather in the desert city. The weather is hot and humid most of the year and it becomes a bit pleasant during the months of November till March. No matter which month are you planning to visit the city of Dubai, don’t forget to carry a good sunscreen.

Rains in Dubai:

Yes, it does rains in the Desert. Starting the November and December months of every year, Dubai experiences rainfalls which increases vastly in the months of January and February, thereby, making them the wettest months of the year for the city. However, the temperature doesn’t drastically decrease and maintains a steady range of 20 to 28 degrees approximately.

Winter in Dubai:

Dubai experiences winters from the months of January to March. Don’t expect winters to be the winters you experience in the other parts of the world. Dubai winters are pleasant but the temperatures still don’t go less than 15 degrees even at night. However, the sun is less punishing and it is one of the best time to visit the city.

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