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Best Lankaran City Sightseeing Tours and Activities

The city of Lankaran is where you need to head towards this holiday season. With a small population of less than fifty thousand, this small city of Lankaran beckons you with the most exquisite hospitality you will ever experience. An extremely picturesque si
de of Azerbaijan, this astounding city is bordered by low land of Kur-Araz towards its north side and towards its south east with Caspian sea. @

One of the best highlights of Lankaran Day tours are the exquisite museums of the city. Whether it is the Tarix Diyarşünaslıq Muzeyi or the Dairevi qala- Zindan museum of the city, each of them houses some of the world’s rarest archaeological discoveries and the proofs of the conceptualisation of the picturesque city of Lankaran. While in the city don’t forget to visit the Lighthouse. Its scenic and offers a calming effect to eyes and soul.

Sightseeing in Lankaran with Rayna starts from picking you up from the hotel to dropping you off safely thus ensuring your trip is hassle-free and smooth. Enjoy the local cuisine, warm people, and the cultural diversity that comes with a mix of Russian, Turkish, and Persian population of the city. With its close proximity to Baku, you’ll see a huge influx of tourists here all year round.

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