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Prague Travel Guide
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Prague City Travel Guide

Prague is the capital of Czech Republic and an important cultural and economic center. It is hands down one of the most picturesque cities in Europe and its beauty is often compared to that of Paris. Famous as the city of a hundred spires, it is brimming with breathtaking historical sights and brilliant buildings. It has an extremely deep-rooted history and the place is full of archeological wonders. The city center of Prague is divided in to five areas spanning both the banks of the river Vltava.

Prague is also known for its mouthwatering Czech delicacies which are delicious and comforting. Though not very popular, the cuisine is extremely unique to the location and unlike anything you have tried before. It has an extremely popular beer culture and is well-known for an amazing variety of beers. The city is also lined with delightful cafes where you can enjoy a mouthwatering meal with a classic coffee.

When it comes to shopping, Prague has some of the most unusual souvenirs that you can find. The city is dotted with many antique shops where you can spend hours searching for the perfect trinket such as jewelry, precious stones, paintings, and china for yourself or your loved ones. There are also magnificent shopping malls where you can find all the branded stores.

Prague has many outstanding restaurants that are by the river or overlook the city. You can enjoy scrumptious food while soaking in the sheer beauty of the place. The restaurants and pubs usually shut their doors by midnight. The city has a vibrant nightlife and most of the bars and clubs are open till the early hours of morning.

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