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Sharjah Travel Guide
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Things to See in Sharjah

Arts museum- Displaying some of the best works of the Arabian artists renowned all over the world, this art museum is truly one of a kind.

Central market- the largest market of Sharjah has immense variety of produce majorly centered towards the demands of the tourists. This gigantic market has over 600 shops

Museum of Islamic civilization- opened in the year 2008, the museum boasts of over 5000 artifacts that depict the origin and transformation of the Islamic civilization neatly and in a state of the art museum house.

Natural history museum and desert park- a perfect venue to offer a chance for the visitors and the locals to learn the incredible flora and fauna of the massive Arabian desert.

Maritime museum- opened in early 2003, the museum is the best place to explore traditional wooden seafaring dhows used for fishing, trading and pearling process.

Archeology museum- The archeology museum is the best way to understand and learn how the ancient tribal people adapted to the no comfort environment, how they built their houses, jewelry and weaponry.

Heritage area- It is a dedicated effort to preserve and beautifully present the traditional customs and culture of Arabian history. It boasts of a collection of artefacts, exhibits and information, all displayed in six thematic galleries

Al Qasba- A premier tourist attraction, it is the most visited entertainment attraction of Sharjah. It boasts of eye of the emirates wheels and Al Qasba musical fountain.

Kalba- extremely famous for its mangrove pastiches, incredible creek beauty, Kalba enclave of Sharjah is worth every bit your time and visit.

Sharjah Travelogue
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