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Nightlife in Sharjah

The city being more on the conservative side, do not experience a vibrant and westernized nightlife but surely have places where you can enjoy exciting night parties without booze. With Sharjah being the only dry state in the UAE, the city sleeps early and wakes up early too. Since the options for night life are scarce, the existence of nightclubs, bars and discos is almost nil. If you want to enjoy a vibrant nightlife with drinks, dance and bars, go to Dubai. A stone’s throw away from the emirate of Sharjah, Dubai can be a perfect break for the party hungry crowd. But as far as the conventional Sharjah is concerned, there’s no chance.

But not having the facility of alcohol doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do in Sharjah. Defining a new way of nightlife other than just boozing and crazy dancing, Sharjah has other options such as the old boat cruise at the Khalid Lagoon. Take this cruise at night and you’ll witness some of the most incredible sights of the city. This old fashioned way of enjoying the night comes a s a refreshing change. Night time Big bus tour also can help you enjoy the beautiful skyline of Sharjah in an exclusive way. The city has some of the best choices for sumptuous fine dine options for an exquisite time with family and friends.

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