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Fascinating History of Sharjah

Ruled by the Sultans, the emirate of Sharjah is comprised of various minor towns of Kalba, Dibba Al-Hisn and Khor Fakkan. The entire emirate is a constitutional monarchy and has been ruled by Sultan bin Mohamed Al-Qasimi since 1972. The fate of this large emirate changed when the Mubarak oil field was discovered on its land in the early 1970s. Before the fortune changing discovery, the emirate mainly relied upon the farming, hunting, fishing, pearling, and sea faring.

The history of Sharjah dates back to over 5000 years. Even then it was one of the wealthiest establishments. The establishment of Sharjah was declared independent in the early 17th century when the Qawasim clan decided to occupy and settle themselves in the area. The historical evidence also tells that in the 1800s a special General Maritime Treaty with Britain treaty was signed with the sole clause to keep the Ottoman Turks out from Sharjah. Currently the city of Sharjah shares trade relations with 126 countries across the world and is also playing a lead role in the global investment scenario. The current actions have resulted in the vibrant growth of the commercial sector.

Specialized zones for industrial units are also established close to the airport and the sea ports to fuel growth and the cost of industrial development in the city is almost 35% lower than the other parts of the UAE. Today, after continuous efforts in boosting various sectors, Sharjah has made its presence felt in the tourism, logistics, education and the hydrocarbons sector across the Middle east and other parts of the world.

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