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Putrajaya Travel Guide

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Putrajaya, Malaysia’s third largest federal territory is an uprising tourist attraction. The culture of this large city spread across 5000 hectares of land is largely impacted with that of Kuala Lumpur as it is located at a stone’s throw away distance of just 25kms from the city. It is a planned, well created city that largely serves as the government’s headquarters now.
The economy of Putrajaya has been growing ever since the creation of the city as it is the unofficial headquarters of almost all the important government offices of the country. Malaysian Ringgits is the currency used in Putrajaya. It is further divided into 100 sen (cents). One Ringgits equals 0.24 US dollars.
The land before becoming the city of Putrajaya was known as Prang Besar. The project was conceptualized in 1993 and by 1999, the city of Putrajaya was functional. However, the city still has work going on, but the functionality is all in place, and it is now attracting large number of tourists every year.
  • Putrajaya city has its own manmade lake that provides the city its own natural cooling system. It is also the city’s water sports and recreational site.
  • Putrajaya city own eight mammoth bridges built on a 650-hectare manmade lake. Not only are they extremely useful but also when lit up at night, offer a breathtaking view.
  • Putrajaya is also known as the intelligent garden city as it carries on a number of greenery initiatives featuring landscaped gardens and tree plantation with numerous species.
  • Recently Putrajaya has also hosted the prestigious Red Bull Air Race World Championship.
The weather in Putrajaya is very similar to Kuala Lumpur due to its close proximity. Being in the equatorial region the city as a whole has a tropical rainforest climate. However, due to lush greenery, the climate is a bit cooler than Kuala Lumpur.
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