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Best Time to Visit Paris - Weather, Temperature & Season Information

The 1954 film, Sabrina, quoted "Paris is always a good idea." And that is undeniable. Either you are an extravagant or budget traveler, visiting the city in fall or summer, there is never a bad time to be in Paris.

Spring is lauded for its gorgeous blooms, summer is loved for bright days, winter witnesses unbelievable celebrations and fall has free exhibitions. Every season comes with its charms and drawbacks. So, the best time depends on what your interests are- the type of crowd you can tolerate, the weather you love, the budget you have fixed and the kind of festivals you want to rejoice in.

June to August

If you don't hesitate to be squeezed in the hundreds and thousands of travelers, the summer season of Paris is the best time of all for travelers. The day receives over eight hours of sunshine and has a long lazy vibe. And such pleasant weather makes it the highest tourist season which soars the prices of hotels and other attractions. There is much more to do in summers than at the other time of the year. Free outdoor movie experience, beach getaways, concerts, picnics, and exclusive exhibitions upgrade the vacation. See the festivals unfolding- The Fête de la Musique is France's biggest street music party, Gay Pride is the exuberant celebration and Bastille Day has breathtaking fireworks. Carry light clothes, sunglasses, sunblock, hats and also umbrellas as July is one of the rainiest months.

September to October

A good combination of thin crowd and beautiful climate, fall is the best bet for romantic couples and creators. For all the art and book aficionados, there is a range of exhibitions put on display. Days are short, the air has crispiness, leaves are falling, and strolling by the Seine is splendid. Take a look at the last vineyard of the French capital at Vendanges de Montmartre, rejoice in the iconic Paris Fashion Week, and enjoy Nuit Blanche when the galleries and art spaces open till late.

November to February

If you can cherish snowfalls, rain and cold breeze, these winter months of Paris are sizzling. The temperature could drop to 1°C and it could be harsh. Also, December is one of the rainiest months and it could bother your trip. Hence, there are fewer tourists traveling in and around the city during this period, influencing the prices of hotels and attractions to touch a lower ground. The cheap prices attract backpackers to have a holiday in Paris and go museum hopping. Score a good discount on hotels, brace yourself with heavy coats and hats, find comfort in books, wine, and cheese, and check out Christmas lightning at Champs-Elysées.

March to May

For experiencing the blooms and smell of gardens, late April and May are the favorite months. This is the springtime when the weather is cozy yet unstable. Marginal cut in the hotel rooms lures travelers who are on a budget. It is the time when you can bump into several locals as they are out enjoying their hometown. French Open and Paris Marathon hits the streets and sports enthusiasts have a party. Stretch your legs in the famous rose gardens at Parc de Bagatelle and L’Haÿ-les-Roses. These flowers survive summer and fall as well and the city looks awe-inspiring.

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