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Macau City Travel Guide
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Foreign nationals of the following countries/territories can enter Macau visa-free:
  • United Kingdom: For up to 180 days
  • EU Nations: All other European Union member states, plus Albania, Andorra, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Cape Verde, Dominica, Egypt, Grenada, Iceland, Israel, Japan, Lebanon, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Mali, Mauritius, Mexico, Moldova, Mongolia, Montenegro, Morocco, Norway, Serbia, South Korea, Switzerland and Tanzania can stay up to 90 days without visa.
  • Non-EU Nations: Australia, Belarus, Canada, Chile, India, Indonesia, Kiribati, Malaysia, Monaco, Namibia, New Zealand, Philippines, Russia, Samoa, San Marino, Seychelles, Singapore, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, the United States and Uruguay nations can stay in Macau visa-free up to 30 days
  • Brunei: Brunei nationals can stay in Macau for up to 14 days without visa.

Applying For A Visa: If you belong to a nation that’s not listed in the visa-free entry section, you will need to obtain a visa. Apply for a visa from your local Chinese embassy or consulate. You can also apply for a visa, on arrival in Macau, by paying MOP100 (individual), MOP50 (children under 12). Visas are issued on arrived for multiple entries within 30 days of the date of issue. This process of obtaining a visa on arrival in Macau is very quick and cheap, compared to obtaining a visa at the Chinese embassy or consulate. Citizens of Bangladesh, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Vietnam cannot obtain visa on arrival in Macau. They will need to apply for a Macau visa at a Chinese embassy in advance.

Points To Note:

  • Macau allows foreign nationals to stay for specific periods based on their passport validity. For example if a UK citizen’s passport is valid for 40 days, then that person can stay in Macau only for 10 days without visa.
  • Foreign nationals who enter Macau for less than 48 hours on transit are exempt from obtaining a visa.
  • All travellers must demonstrate that they have a minimum of MOP 5,000 to fund their stay in Macau. They must also possess a valid return or onward journey ticket. Residents of Hong Kong and Mainland China are exempt from this rule.
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