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Kuala Lumpur Weather

There are practically only two seasons in Kuala Lumpur- Dry and Wet. With an average rainfall of 250m, it’s hard to imagine very hot or extremely cold months. Malaysia as a country records humid climate throughout the year. Being in the equatorial region, the country as a whole has a tropical rainforest climate. The city of Kuala Lumpur is surrounded by Titiwangsa Mountains in the east and its west side is protected by Indonesia's Sumatra Island and therefore, the country has a tropical rainforest climate through the year.

Although the city of Kuala Lumpur experiences sunny days almost all days of the year, there are months when the rains are abundant and floods are a common scene. Come the monsoon season in the months of October to March and the city experiences rainfall as high as 290m and there’s water and flooding everywhere. For a first-time tourist, it may all seem too crazy and scary but for a Kuala Lumpur resident, it is a scene of every year and the citizens are well prepared to deal with it.

The country records an average rainfall of 250cms and an average climate of 27 degrees. The weather is almost constant throughout the year with the hottest month being March with approximately 28 degrees’ temperature and coldest month being January. The wettest months of the year are the month of November which experiences the maximum rainfall and the entire city is practically flooded.

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