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Best Time to Visit Hong Kong - Weather, Temperature & Season Information

Autumn is the best time to visit Hong Kong, from October to early December. It’s usually pleasantly clear and sunny during the day and cool at night. It’s perfect weather for outdoor activities or country walks, with just a few rainy days in a month.

Winters are dry and cold, and temperatures can plummet down to freezing at night. Strangely, winter is the best time to visit Hong Kong for shopping - from mid-December to February. The holiday season is afoot during winter, and the weather is pleasant and mild. You’ll need warm clothing for most days, but there’s no snow or frost in Hong Kong.

Note that August is the wettest month of the year, with rains falling four days out of seven. On the opposite side is January, the driest month of the year, when it rains only a few days in the entire month. 

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