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Events in Hong Kong

Hong Kong celebrates several festivals and events every year. The most popular ones are:

Chinese New Year International Performance Night: This is a gala city-wide festival, complete with Float Exhibition, paper dragons and fireworks. 

Christmas: The whole city is decorated to the utmost, with not an inch to spare, with shopping discounts and sales to add to the melee. 

Mid-Autumn Festival: During this time, Hong Kong puts on the Asian Contemporary Art Show, lantern carnivals, and the Fire Dragon Dance. It’s the time to enjoy some festival food and drinks in Hong Kong.

“Tuen Ng” Dragon Boat Festival:  From May. 30 to Jun. 4 is the annual Hong Kong Tuen Ng Festival, one of the world’s largest dragon boat race events. 

Hong Kong Shopping Festival: In July and August, Hong Kong puts on a shopping extravaganza, with sales, unbelievable discounts, special events and offers.

Hong Kong International Film Festival: In April, film makers put on free shows of their movies to promote them. 

Hong Kong Arts Festival:  From Feb.16 to Mar.18 is the yearly cultural arts feast for local and international tastes. This festival was founded in 1973, and various world-class music and dance performances take place during this time. 

Hong Kong Horse Racing Season:  During September, horse races are held all over the city, more for entertainment than for serious gambling. Horse racing and rugby are the two legal gambling outlets in Hong Kong. 

Hong Kong and Macau Chinese New Year's Eve Flower Markets: During January, people serenade their friends and family with fresh flowers, potted plants and bouquets, for good luck. The markets are full of fresh flowers during this time. 

Chinese New Year International Parade and Performances:  In January, performers from all around the world come to perform their unique arts at this international carnival.

Chinese New Year Firework Performance: In January, on the second day of the three-day Spring Festival holidays, Victoria Harbor is besieged with colorful fireworks, which are coordinated with the Symphony of Lights. The show lasts for about 25 minutes.

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