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Dubai Food Guide

Dubai is a foodie’s paradise. You think of a cuisine and in all probabilities you’ll get at least 10 restaurants across all budget range in Dubai. From the best of 7-star dining to the sumptuous street food, Dubai offers an impeccable variety of delicious cuisines. It is a mix of world indulgence including the Thai, Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Japanese, Lebanese, European, Chinese, and its traditional Emirati cuisine. The hospitality industry of Dubai is so precise in ensuring the authenticity of the taste of their food that best of the chefs are flown from the country of origin to offer authentic dishes to the customers.

Food in Dubai is available across all pocket ranges. From the most expensive meal in Dubai to the most sumptuous but pocket friendly street food. The cosmopolitan nature of the city makes the food a must try. The vibrancy of the menus and colorful eateries makes it impossible to fall in love with the food scene of Dubai.

Drinking is prohibited in Islamic culture but since Dubai is cosmopolitan city and a tourist hub, they allow drinks inside big restaurants and pubs. But to buy drinks from liquor shops, you need to have a license for it. Even the Emirati citizens need to own a license to buy liquor, even if it is meant to be consumed inside their own houses. During the months of Ramzan, the city observes strict rules related to food and drinks. If you’re a foodie, Dubai is definitely your place to be, just ensure you’re not there during the month of Ramzan and if you are, then you must know all the rules to be followed during the month.

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