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Dubai Culture and Tradition

Following a massive expansion and transformation post the discovery of oil in 1960s, Dubai has over the years welcomed expats from different parts of the world for employment purposes. Dubai has expats in substantial numbers not only from Asia but also from America, Europe, and Australia. Unsurprisingly, it is a cultural melting pot with 85% of its population being expats.

This cosmopolitan culture of the emirate has brought it at par with the various global cities of the world. What is more praiseworthy is its remarkably lenient administration which allows expats to practice their own culture, tradition, and religions. Needless to say, Dubai is renowned all over the world for its exceptional hospitality and warmth, making it a perfect vacation spot for all types of visitors, from couples, families, and honeymooners to adventurous travelers.

Rooted and devoted to the Islamic culture, Dubai, however, observes Arabic traditions in the everyday life.

Although the overall percent of local Emiratis is limited to just 15%, the culture of Dubai has a huge reflection of the Arabian philosophy. You can easily spot traditionally dressed gulf Arabs chattering in Arabian language and smoking Shisha which comes quite as a cultural shock to the foreigners and intrigues them. For a passionate traveler who is interested to know more about the city, observing the culture is a great way to peep into the region's history.

Hospitality too, is deep rooted in the Emirati culture. People understand that a major part of their livelihood comes from the tourists, and therefore, they are extremely gracious while maintaining their limits. If you understand the boundaries of the Islamic culture and adhere to them, you’re surely going to make lots of new friends in the city and get to know a lot more about it.

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