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Rayna Tours has partnered with NMC Medical Center & Thumbay Hospital to conduct the RT-PCR COVID-19 Test for those traveling to and from Dubai. They both are approved by DHA-Dubai Health Authority and come with a network of 15 labs plus 100 collection centers, spread across Dubai and Sharjah. This allows our guests to get tested in laboratories nearest to them.

So come make your travel experience with us as safe and hassle-free as possible! Book your appointment date for your pre-flight PCR test now online or even request for home tests wherein a specialist healthcare team will come to your doorsteps to collect swabs.

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Main Highlights
  • Pre-flight COVID-19 tests made easier
  • Get the appointment date for PCR test online
  • Option to request for home tests
Important Things to Consider
  • For guests traveling from Dubai to India, the PCR test should be conducted within 72 hours of travel date.
  • For guests traveling from Dubai to other destinations, the PCR test should be conducted within 96 hours of travel date.
Please Note:
  • By collaborating with NMC Medical Center & Thumbay Hospital, Rayna Tours’ role is just to simplify its guests’ PCR test process.
  • Rayna Tours, therefore, should not be held accountable for an erroneous test result or any subsequent consequences.
  • It’s the responsibility of guests to check and confirm all details prior to making payment. Please note that once the appointment date is fixed, it’s not possible to cancel the booking or make a refund.
  • Rayna Tours bears no responsibility for any loss incurred by our guests as a result of any inaccuracy or delay in the test report. If such a situation arises, get in touch with the lab directly.
  • Rayna Tours retains the complete right to stop, withdraw or amend this service without any prior notice.
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