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Introduction: Markup Language is an XML based interface providing the access to information and ability manage reservations for the global product range of Destinations of the world. standardizes the requests and responses to the different sources in order to provide a coherent product with a single communication interface.

Connection properties:

The communication with the system is performed through https connections.

Request Value Description
Host(production) All connections can be made https protocols.
Host (development) All connections can be made https protocols
Request Method POST The requested method.
Content-Type JSON/xml The content type.

Request/Response XMLAPI.raynatours:

It is recommended that at least all booking and cancellation transactions sent through the system should be logged and maintained by the travel agent for at least 6 months.

Development Phase

Once you receive your user id, password and Service Name you can start the development of your application/framework. The whole process of communication consists of simple JSON/xml messages exchange (request - answer/response) between your application/framework and system. Each request needs to be posted (through POST method) using https protocols to and it receives a response irrespectively the request is successfully processed or not informing about the success of the operation. For details regarding requests and answers formats and details please consult the dedicated area of each request.

For further assistance in development process do not hesitate to contact our support team