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Abu Dhabi Travel Guide
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Abu Dhabi Culture and Tradition

Abu Dhabi is a land with a perfect blend of culture and modern skyscrapers. It’s no mean feat to find a cosmopolitan with its cultural heritage so beautifully intact. Although Islamic culture is deeply rooted in the city, it welcomes expats and their beliefs with open arms, provided, they also respect the Islamic laws and regulations prevalent in the city. Observing Ramadan regulations, and respecting the Arabic cultural laws are a must.

Ensuring an intriguing mix of new and old, Abu Dhabi being the capital city of UAE has a blend of cosmopolitan and conventional culture. With a culture that is firmly rooted in the Islamic religious regulations, the everyday local life of Abu Dhabi is governed by these rules such as what to eat, what to wear, the language and the day to day Islamic routine. Extremely tolerant and very hospitable to its visitors, Abu Dhabi’s culture is deep rooted and inculcates treating guests with respect.

Expats living in the city are free to practice their native religion and the dress code for them is liberal. Women do not need a male escort to be able to drive or walk around. The values of courtesy and hospitality are regarded in the highest esteem, and it is visible in the genuine warmth of the locals in the city. In spite of the rapid speed of economic growth over the last 3 decades, Abu Dhabi is actively promoting traditional, cultural, and home sporting events including camel race, falconry, and dhow sailing. This also has been successfully presenting Abu Dhabi as an international cultural destination

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